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My name is Iro Yeh and this is my passion.

I was told by one of my teachers “Choose what you love and love what you choose”. As with all things that are meant to be, there are signs showing you along the way what you are meant to do. It all began when I was little; my grandmother had an old Singer machine and I used to play with the foot pedal and imagine that one day I would be able to control the machine like she could.

I began learning fashion illustration and pattern making in Los Angeles in 2007. I created my own cocktail dresses because I could never find a dress that I truly liked. I completed my Bachelor of Arts in 2010, and travelled to Madrid to complete my Master of Fashion Management at Instituto di Design. I had the chance to work for the Italian brand La Perla in Madrid. This is where I was able to witness hundreds of delicate French laces that would one day help me create beautiful wedding gowns. 

Everything was connecting. I traveled the world selling fabric and learning everything about them during my mid-20s. I experienced and witnessed different trends and cultures throughout the world. Until one day in 2014, when my best friend asked me to design four dresses for her wedding. When I saw her walking in the designs that I had created out of my own imagination I was filled with tears. She was beautiful and I couldn’t believe I had helped make everything come together. That is when I decided to fully pursue my dream of becoming a bridal gown designer. I started to work as a Design Assistant for the Spanish bridal designer Rosa Clará whose gowns are known as feminine, modern and delicate. 

On a vacation to Sydney in 2015 I met my husband, Russell. We now live in Western Sydney and we are expecting our first baby the end of this year!

Made in Australia

I create all wedding dresses by hand at my home studio. I design and build each dress specific to each bride from scratch. Having been a recent bride myself, I fully understand the emotions that a bride-to-be goes through. I was still checking all the details of my wedding dresses the night before my wedding day. It's just my personality; I don't do “ok" work, I ensure that the best attention has been given to my creation. 

If Blacktown is too far for you. I can also meet you at Emerald Bridal in Ryde. 

Emerald Bridal

29 Devlin St, Ryde NSW 2112





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